Backache? Join the crowd.

Backache? Join the crowd.
Did you know that about 31 million Americans have low back pain at any given time, while half of all working Americans admit to having back symptoms each year?

In fact, one third of all Americans over age 18 had a back problem in the past five years severe enough for them to seek professional help.

“We know that most people will suffer from back pain at one time or another,” said Dr. Michael Marks. “The important thing is to make the right decision in treating the pain.”

Manipulation is one of several established forms of treatment used for back problems. Used for the last century, manipulation is receiving widespread attention as a safe and effective means of fighting back pain. In fact, after an extensive study of all currently available care for low back problems, the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, a federal government research organization, recommended that low back pain sufferers choose the most conservative care first. And it recommended spinal manipulation as the only safe, effective and drugless form of initial professional treatment for acute low back problems in adults.

Dr. Marks is uniquely trained and experienced in diagnosing and treating back problems.

Having treated patients for more than 20 years, he understands the distinctiveness of each person’s pain and knows the various methods to treat it.

Contact Dr. Marks today to learn the best method of treating your back pain.

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