Are you a weekend warrior?

Weekend Warriors
Playing sports is an important way to live longer and healthier. As a long-time athlete and educator, Dr. Michael Marks appreciates both the benefits of physical activity and the injuries that sometimes occur. “I’ve been an avid tennis player for years,” said Dr. Marks. “It’s a great game that can be played for a lifetime.”

Here are some recommendations by Dr. Marks:
  • Beware of the court surface, where your knees, hips and feet take a pounding. If possible, play on surfaces that have some give. Clay or grass surfaces are better than concrete.
  • Select a racket that’s comfortable and fits your hand. Using an oversize racket can be a problem. When hitting the edge of the racket, you can twist your hands and wrists beyond their normal range of motion. Stick with a normal-size racket.
  • Look for a comfortable grip to absorb the shock that comes from hitting a tennis ball. The grip should be thick enough for your hand to fit around it without having your thumb and fingers overlap.
  • Watch your form. Poor habits can stress your wrists, spine and hips.
  • Remember to warm-up before practicing or playing.
Some injuries to watch out for:
  • tennis elbow
  • shoulder injuries
  • low back injuries
  • sprained ankles and knees.
If you experience pain or injury beyond simple muscle soreness.

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